Piano Music Sight-Reading Practice

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Practice Type (Mode) [?]
See-and-Play (sight-reading practice)
Play-and-See (play a note and see it written)
MIDI See-and-Play (Beta test)
MIDI Play-and-See (Beta test)
Non-MIDI/Piano See-and-Play [?]
Wide Keyboard Image
Note Selection
Flats  Sharps  Naturals
Enharmonics of Natural Notes: B♯,C♭; E♯,F♭
Courtesy Naturals: (♮)♭, (♮)♯
Practice Range
Top Note (1-88)
Bottom Note (1-88)
Ledger Lines
Maximum Above and Below Staves (0-7)
Maximum Between Staves (1-4)
Practice Ledger Lines and Octave Brackets Only (Random only) 
Octave Brackets are automatically applied to notes outside your Maximum Ledger Lines settings. For less octave brackets, increase the Maximum Ledger Lines settings.
Keyboard Note-Names
Keyboard Key-Numbers
Staff Note-Names 
Keyboard Size Tabs
Hint/Answer Note (  ) on Keyboard
Play Note Sound with Note
Sustain Pedal on Note Sound
Play Note Name with Note 
Break and Statistics
Take a break after  notes (cards per round).
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This free online electronic flashcard (flash card) trains you to instantly read notes written in standard musical notation on a grand staff and play the corresponding keys on a piano (or other musical keyboard) correctly, the first time, without practice or rehearsal. This skill is known as "sight reading ." Unlike other sight-reading practice programs, you don't need to purchase, download, or install software. You can use our online sight-reading practice software for free without registering or disclosing any personal information. Just start practicing on the keyboard image above and watch your sight-reading skills improve.

Since our sight-reading practice program runs on our server instead of your computer, you can practice any time from any browser with internet access. You don't have to worry about technical problems or spyware often associated with free or purchased software and shareware. You don't have to worry about upgrades either since any improvements we make become operational immediately on our sight-reading practice site.

A few minutes a day with this training exercise will greatly improve your piano music sight reading skills. It is adjustable to any skill level via preset exercises or custom settings including key signature, note selection, accidentals, practice range, labels, and ledger lines. Optional piano sounds also make this a great ear training drill. A graph shows your progress during a session.

Use this drill as a daily exercise to improve your sight reading. Enable sound options for ear training or to hear note names. Use on your mobile phone or PDA as a portable electronic sight reading flash card to turn spare minutes into sight-reading proficiency. This site should be in every piano teacher and student's favorites and should be used in conjunction with piano sheet music. Since a piece of sheet music can only be used once for true sight reading practice, using this tool to speed learning will save you money by decreasing the amount of piano music sheets or books you need to purchase.

See our help page for more information about sight reading and how to use this site. Be sure to bookmark this page. Please link to us if you think your visitors would find this site useful. Share this site with your friends, teacher, or students. Please contact us with any comments, suggestions, or questions.

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